Dear Jessica: Words from The Rackster

Hilarious! Absolutely love it!


Hi Jess,  Shad-y wrote you mail. By the time you’re reading this, he’ll probably be some famous person. That’s just how I see him. He’s probably the coolest, most interesting  and talented human being I know . In fact, most times I live vicariously through his adventures. I will need an entire letter just to tell you about Shady. Now before I bore you. Here, read 🙂 


DSC_0025I took this photo in Shela in Lamu Island (April, 2017)  The sun had been in hiding the whole day and showed for a glorious exit just before the darkness loomed


Dear Jessica,

Let me put this glass of whisky down before I spill it on my keyboard. You see your mum is not the biggest fan of my drinking habits; as a matter of fact she thinks I should stop. I know right? Booooring. For a minute there I rolled…

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DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND… I am highly educated and a very enlightened woman. I have been raised with a conscious mind and do not conform to the misconstrued versions of society. Dear future husband, do not feel threatened by me. I might be a king of the world, but to you, I’ll be your queen. Dear... Continue Reading →


  It is seven in the a.m and the chilling cold outside is enough to make a grown man cry. With pain. This cold had me walking like a giant human popsicle. You ain’t even looking at the guy standing next to you cuz you think they might have some juju that will probably shift... Continue Reading →

To Sue

He hated how even after 2 whole years,she still spoke from the grave. How after this long,she still held a grip on him. She,a vice he couldnt shake, like a dream he couldnt wake up from,a war he co… Source: To Sue

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