The monster lurked in the shadows. Always in the shadows, never in the light. I could not breathe and maybe he knew that. Always retreated, stealthily as he showed up, and then I could gasp up for air, shake my head and convince myself that it was impossible. He could not have found me and that is all I wanted to believe. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out.



It was an awfully confusing Friday afternoon when He left. The clouds loomed at the distance, so dark and heavy laden with tears of our ancestors. For a second, I thought that the clouds would just swoop in, gather us in her bosom, and wash away our desiccated faces. Instead, she just blew a soft... Continue Reading →

Ode To M.

(To my Faith, Hope, Magic and a whole lotta Pixie dust)   Forty-five. December 9th this year you’d be turning that big ‘ol number. Probably with two or three minions but God settled for just this one. With such a number not defining you so much but being a major milestone in your life, she’d... Continue Reading →

Ode To S.

Ode To S. Five years. Five years that I have been gathering bits and pieces of me that you scattered so effortlessly like confetti when the whirlwind of destruction hit our little honeymoon avenue. It came scented in cheap cologne, revealing too much skin than the eyes can handle and batting fake eyelashes at you... Continue Reading →


11TH JUNE. 1945hrs I could barely walk down the small stretch to get to my room. My chest was heaving to the pounding in my head. Images were getting blurry and I could feel the sweat trickle down my sides. The noises were rising to some sort of never-ending crescendo and there were lights everywhere.... Continue Reading →


OTI… The last time Oti went to church was during his mother’s funeral. That is when his faith took a great hit and he caved. He did not understand why a loving God would be as cold-hearted and cruel as to leave three small children without a mother and a hopeless drunk for a father.... Continue Reading →

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