Ode To M.

(To my Faith, Hope, Magic and a whole lotta Pixie dust)   Forty-five. December 9th this year you’d be turning that big ‘ol number. Probably with two or three minions but God settled for just this one. With such a number not defining you so much but being a major milestone in your life, she’d... Continue Reading →



OTI… The last time Oti went to church was during his mother’s funeral. That is when his faith took a great hit and he caved. He did not understand why a loving God would be as cold-hearted and cruel as to leave three small children without a mother and a hopeless drunk for a father.... Continue Reading →

Nooo! This isn’t a recap of the American Horror Story. Mine is a sweet romantic story made up of sugar, spice, wine and everything nice you can think of…with a dash of lemon and the devil’s piss. My story is about those itches in our lives we would give a hair to get rid of,... Continue Reading →


I was only eight years old when my gramps summoned me in the living room way past my bedtime for a little chat. Why am I making this a really big deal? My pops was a military man. Theoretically that is, since he wasn’t marching or leading any battalions out to war and most definitely... Continue Reading →

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