Ode To M.

(To my Faith, Hope, Magic and a whole lotta Pixie dust)   Forty-five. December 9th this year you’d be turning that big ‘ol number. Probably with two or three minions but God settled for just this one. With such a number not defining you so much but being a major milestone in your life, she’d... Continue Reading →


Ode To S.

Ode To S. Five years. Five years that I have been gathering bits and pieces of me that you scattered so effortlessly like confetti when the whirlwind of destruction hit our little honeymoon avenue. It came scented in cheap cologne, revealing too much skin than the eyes can handle and batting fake eyelashes at you... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica: Words from The Rackster

Hilarious! Absolutely love it!


Hi Jess,  Shad-y wrote you mail. By the time you’re reading this, he’ll probably be some famous person. That’s just how I see him. He’s probably the coolest, most interesting  and talented human being I know . In fact, most times I live vicariously through his adventures. I will need an entire letter just to tell you about Shady. Now before I bore you. Here, read 🙂 


DSC_0025I took this photo in Shela in Lamu Island (April, 2017)  The sun had been in hiding the whole day and showed for a glorious exit just before the darkness loomed


Dear Jessica,

Let me put this glass of whisky down before I spill it on my keyboard. You see your mum is not the biggest fan of my drinking habits; as a matter of fact she thinks I should stop. I know right? Booooring. For a minute there I rolled…

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11TH JUNE. 1945hrs I could barely walk down the small stretch to get to my room. My chest was heaving to the pounding in my head. Images were getting blurry and I could feel the sweat trickle down my sides. The noises were rising to some sort of never-ending crescendo and there were lights everywhere.... Continue Reading →

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