There is nothing else as amazing as loving with absolute freedom, for its only love that can transform slavery into freedom. No set conditions or preferences. No limits or boundaries. A love that is wild and fee as the wind.

There is only one other love that supersedes this and that’s God’s love. It’s perfect. It’s powerful and pure. It’s a father’s love for his children. Right now though, this isn’t that love am talking about.

Am talking magic.

Am talking of forces so strong, which drive you into a pole. Literally. I like reading his texts while standing still. It is much safer for me that way, lest I find myself having wondered off into the highway- then this story would turn to a eulogy and my epitaph would read, “She died happy, crazy, unfinished, but in love.”

Let’s stick to boyfriend. He lives in anonymity and no, he isn’t an illegal immigrant. He is just a personal factor to my public display of affection. Gerrit?

Boyfriend is a bit old-fashioned. A classic guy in a metropolitan world. But I wish he’d go all the way and wear suspenders too. Then I’d even things up with high-waist faded jeans and bubblegum. Red lipstick too, no?

We’re both afraid of people and actually getting to do things. But life would be so boring if we just locked ourselves away in a dungeon and lived on popcorn and water. So we are just shadows traversing through time and occupying bits and pieces of space at a time.

Very bookish too. He is widely read on a number of topics. His mind don’t work like everybody else I’ve met, and they’re pretty few mind you. I hear that they are called ‘Sapiosexuals.’ I have no idea what that means and won’t pretend either. So let’s just stick to nerd or bookie. I don’t think he’ll like the word geek though.

I fell in love with his forehead first. Yes. It was definitely the forehead. It was pretty hard to miss it at first but on the fifth date, it’s like it wasn’t there anymore. In real sense it’s not that it disappeared…I just got to meet the rest of him and loved the entire package instead.

Boyfriend is a very weird person. And weird is good and captivating and very interesting. Mysterious even. He loves slithery creatures (read snakes) and reads about stuff like ‘Why Fiji is the best residential area, if you thinking of settling down.’ Who in God’s good earth just sits and reads about random countries not even discoverable on a map?! Boyfriend claims to be a palm reader too and swears on comic books and YouTube videos that our paths were meant to cross. Haha sneaky bastard! Sweet!

He speaks to the clouds too and, maybe am crazier than I already am, but they seem to respond to his voice. He confuses me. He makes me wonder. Close my eyes and see through my soul. It is only he that can come up with a word like ‘fundactive’ and still make a whole lotta sense with it. Fun and productive, get it?

You can’t have old fashioned without some good ‘ol hopeless romanticism and boyfriend knows how to turn old vibe into golden rhymes. What with his poetry and liquid trap music…

Best part if you’d ask me though, is that we talk a whole lot through silence than with words.




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