I should probably suck it up by now, but I am a terrible sport. So I have been told. It’s not really my fault that I am a very competitive person and don’t take defeat in stride. I blame the government and every organization that I can think of right now. Yes. Them. They don’t... Continue Reading →



There is nothing else as amazing as loving with absolute freedom, for its only love that can transform slavery into freedom. No set conditions or preferences. No limits or boundaries. A love that is wild and fee as the wind. There is only one other love that supersedes this and that’s God’s love. It’s perfect.... Continue Reading →


So, I was reading an inspirational book- yes, I do read those ones too- titled TOUGH TIMES DON'T LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO by an author whose name I hope somebody knows, and I came across a really good text that I hope to drop here and pray to the heavens it helps a soul... Continue Reading →


I cant write. I cant tell this story. I cant explain in a simple, silly yet justified way. I cant get my thoughts to form the words I really want to say. Whoever said women can speak a thousand words per minute should be brought before a jury of peers and support his theory- if... Continue Reading →

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