Nooo! This isn’t a recap of the American Horror Story. Mine is a sweet romantic story made up of sugar, spice, wine and everything nice you can think of…with a dash of lemon and the devil’s piss. My story is about those itches in our lives we would give a hair to get rid of, but would give up our own lives to see them smile. It is about those angels dressed up as little devils. My story is about my friends. One in particular though.
I have a weird batch of them people. I had to group them up in sets just to keep my sanity and sugar levels at peace. In one set, I have those sweet adorable people who strive every day to make my life a dream come true. Eventually a male species in this category ends up being ‘more than just a friend’ but I try keeping these things as platonic as possible. This set is my sugar and salt. We share bitter sweet memories and stuff together. There isn’t much to say about them since life in this set is simple, serene and just perfect.
I also have me some backstabbers in equal measures. Why are they still my friends? Well, they serve me as a reminder of how easy and feeble relationships of any nature are. Lessons learnt and served cold. With friends like these ones who needs enemies?
I could go on and on but my story today was for a special one. The sweet and horrible someone. This is a story about my devilish friend Eva.
Her real name is Evangeline but she swears on everything she holds dear- food- that this isn’t so. I know I’ll probably get assassinated and exterminated for this revelation but it will all be worth it. Eva isn’t my best friend. God forbid that should happen, the thought of it is so much scarier than the real American Horror Story. You cannot put a label to it. That’s what makes her perfect and special to my story. Eva has successfully managed to put a smile as well as tears in equal measures, on my face.(GRRRR!!)
We didn’t start out as friends. Quite the opposite is the gospel truth. We loathed and despised one another. I hated her guts as much as she hated mine. Our hate was cold, calculated and silent that it was hard to miss it. Guess karma is a real bitch that it saw it wise to bring us together. A much formidable force together than while separate. To cut that bit short, we are inseparable today.
She has got the best shoulders I would wish for in another person, for on them I have cried eyeballs out on her and she patiently let me. She has listened to my pains and struggles with no sympathy at all because she knew that’s what makes the finest gold. She has seen my downfalls and shortcomings without judging me. Boys broke my heart and she broke their will to live plus a couple of bones in their puny bodies. Yeahp, that’s my Eva.
She calls me ugly and disgusting all the time. So try not crying so much around her if you are the yellow-hearted type or she will trample on your feelings and life won’t be the same again for you. Many are the times this horrible human being has gotten me in and out of a jam but without her, life would be all grey and wet.
She is of high maintenance, haughty attitudes and everything high (except heels of course) but for me, she is my epitome of feminism. Girl power is of essence to her. Her loyalty is never wavering, her ambitions are forever Hollywood and her heart is forever golden. She is perfectly flawed and imperfectly beautiful.
I love my sour friend to bits. I hope she does know that to me, she is Kelly Rowland and I’m the queen Bey and that’s as close as she’ll get so, Eva, what do you say? We run this world or what??


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  1. We run the world darling….mimi si evangeline..imma whoop your ass you bitch…buuutt whhhy why you tryna ruin my life..you know you are in it….i love you to pieces hunny ♥♥♥♥

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