Nooo! This isn’t a recap of the American Horror Story. Mine is a sweet romantic story made up of sugar, spice, wine and everything nice you can think of…with a dash of lemon and the devil’s piss. My story is about those itches in our lives we would give a hair to get rid of,... Continue Reading →



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Last week on Tuesday, the 1st day of December 2015, I received my worst call this Year.

My Brother-in-law, who seemed to be in perfect health, had passed on, on the night of Sunday the 29th of November.  And was now at the morgue. We buried him on Friday the 4th. Rest in Peace,  Bro William!

What bad news to start a New Month. The month of Christmas!

To say the past one and half  weeks have been challenging is an understatement.

I was charged with the responsibility of breaking the news to his beloved 10 year-old daughter and give her a shoulder to lean on. Speak words of encouragement. And his beloved adolescent son. Further, after the burial to be with the wife. My sister.

I was with them five days,  such a young family, coping, but they still got quite a road in front of them to believe…

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I was only eight years old when my gramps summoned me in the living room way past my bedtime for a little chat. Why am I making this a really big deal? My pops was a military man. Theoretically that is, since he wasn’t marching or leading any battalions out to war and most definitely... Continue Reading →

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