I let them tear you apart and I just kept looking on. Like a pack of wolves on a tiny limb they tore you limb by limb. I could have saved you but my act of compassion would have been mistaken for weakness-I was the alpha and epitome of sheer greatness.
I wasn’t going to let my heart rule my mind, for I was bound on a mission- To see to your extinction.
Hate like a raging fire consumed me but still wasn’t strong enough to thaw the icicle that was my soul. There was an ice box where my heart used to be. I had given you my all till there was nothing left to give. I venerated you more than you deserved but you were blinded by lust and thirst for more to even see.
I watched you, incognito like a phantom. A lion locked on it’s prey. I knew what I’d find but part of me wanted the truth to be a farce so it wouldn’t hurt so much. But what I saw abhorred me so much like the cruel hand of death. In that instant, you became a disgusting piece of filth.
I let you shatter me to a thousand tiny pieces, easily blown away by the wind. The currents carried me to a land devoid of the anguish that was you. At first it was difficult but alas! I managed to mend what you’d broken. The bandages were like pure titanium, perfectly woven to fix the damage.
You thought you had victory only to face your worst nightmare. I came back bigger and better, I came back stronger. You were a weakling and I enjoyed to see you whimper. Would have finished you with one blow but watching you suffer and cower was much sweeter. I was exactly what you wanted and it killed you cuz you wouldn’t get me. Never. So far beyond emotion and any strains of compassion. I came back a robot. A machine operative to one mission; obedient to one command: ELIMINATE.
To get rid of any bit and morsel that’s you. Everything you touched became a target, my target. I was on a war path bent on destruction. Casualties on the way were unaccounted for. Unfortunate contraptions to a system that has malfunctioned. I was getting away with it. Believe me, I was living this facade to its fullest.
Then it dawned on me one day that you were really not worth the hate. It was a breath of fresh air that got rid of all the pain. The rays of the morning sun warmed my face and surprised myself with a smile on my lips.
I looked into the mirror and saw things much clearer. Right there was the solution to my every waking problems and confusions. Every frown and every tear suddenly seemed like a distant memory to me. Right in that mirror was all I needed to be happy, to be complete. To feel free.
Now I no longer have a cause to fight you. To me, you as good as it never happened. A distant memory. A glimpse of my other reality inferior to my present. Just Deja Vu.
So I bid you ‘Adeau’ and breathe a sigh of good riddance for dodging the bullet that was you.
So long…



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