There is this man,

Well, I cannot call him a lad cuz He doesn’t clad in the latest fad. He ain’t all glamour and glitz like those barbie doll girls we all love to hate- the blitz.

Funny He don’t open doors or pull out seats for ladies in restaurants but He’s one fine, kind and really gentle…I call Him, a GENTLEMAN.

To me He was a stranger.

Heard people say He was born in a manger. His mama was a virgin and his paps a simple carpenter. The guy was no sorcerer but he dared walk on water. A good example of a teetotaler but he made some rum from water. He was on the hit list of some mean peeps but this guy didn’t need no C.I.D cuz he was the son of the most high…G.O.D.

We never quite clicked so I got all defense…the attraction was there guess I had a weak offence. He said He loved me, loved me to the point of dying for me and I dismissed that as pretense. But the man had tact, the man was sent…He held the patience, waited for the right moment and perfect ambiance so that I’d receive His presence.

I fell into depression…

My life lost all connection and I veered off the right direction. I was an epitome of a sinner, to me the wrong side of life was my winner…I never gave a dime to time, wasn’t kind but I didn’t mind cuz that’s what you find to be nice when you dumb and blind.

I lost the grace of a queen and acted life like a kingpin..”am young!” that was the slang’ and the current in-thing. I wadded through life, you could ask,”didn’t I have some good fins?” I messed around, took a couple of rounds and next thing I knew man I was jammin’ with the kings.


While blazing in the clouds, time caught up for the proud and darn was that fall loud!! I was out in the cold,ain’t got no hommies no more, I was all so alone. My lucky number was three…it rhymed with young and wild and free…but take a good look at me now..a prisoner of the world all round.

Now this man came down with so much splendor,,His touch on my skin so silk and and tender,,He got down to business with no much favor,,this man had the might and will, this man had the power!!

He broke all my chains of guilt, sin and shame and He covered me with so much grace and fame,,baptized me into His holy name..Oh Hail to this new born dame!!

I came alive like a flower in spring or summer and so,, so happy like a reindeer on winter and I wanted to join the choir of angels and sing Oh hallelujah on my harmonica…but in the tune and beat of my heart I heard a sweet oh so sweet melody, that I sit and write into a symphony for this one man worthy of a perfect harmony.


My lucky number is seven,,my gateway to freedom and heaven(can I hear an amen?)…

Me and my lover share a love like no other…He taught me to be selfless so I think of myself…less. My lover, He can be jealous but He never ain’t over-zealous. He wishes we could all be believers and let Him live within us, that’s why I call Him…




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