Am seated there, all alone out there without a care, breathing in the cool fresh, fresh air…and I can see things clear now, like it is 3D or something and I know I ain’t pissed just loving.

Then he sees me there. And without a care that I didn’t want nobody there, walks over, charm knocks me over and with an air, he dares, smiles, “hey there..” Deep, am falling deep, those eyes, they creep in a good sense of way and I let him…let him stare…and we stare.

“What’s up?” He asks me out, and I am like how in the world he found out, my little secret hideout, in the the thicket, where I sing my sorrows and joys with the crickets in an all so cacophony of a not so perfect harmony?? “Mind some company?”

Am dumbfound!! “Some dog-hound you are mister…” “Call me Edmund. You so astound how I found you out miss…” “Am Claire, and I don’t give a care. You look in so much despair, mind to share?”

“There is this girl…She’s out there, am in here and the distance is becoming a hindrance to our once beautiful romance and I don’t think I stand a chance, chance to one more dance and I feel more like a dunce because this fawn, my one and only dawn is being pawned by some gloat, bloat, goat and she has set me sail on a sinking boat, to die, flood, drown, float in our once love as was our moat.

“Tell you what…there is this lad and like you, he’s out there am in here and I fear that this distance has already created a hindrance, bloody bloody nuisance to our young romance and fact is I stand no chance, no ounce of luck of one more dance with this lance and I wonder…did he know I’ve always been there, I cared , was willing to chip in my share of the darn fare, but is it fair that he didn’t see my despair in the air or feel it in my hair??”

“Am done! She pulled me a first one and now, am hitting the fast lane because the dame, gave me so so much pain, how can you dare dance in the rain? I got a mane, am an alpha!! I don’t need the fame, I burn like sulphur.”

“You going to catch a cold…I know of the ice inside your soul, don’t act bold in playing foul and trying to growl because in the night you’ll cry out all alone like an owl…without a home!”

“We two perfect strangers, hearts lone as rangers, come on let’s embrace some danger, be each others savior…”

“Are you the angel sent to rescueth me? Or the devil that tests thee??”

And seated together out there, watching the ooh so beautiful sunset, I took on the test of the tempest.



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