Lord, here is a sinner who has come with a petition,

I have fallen all too often was thinking it was my damnation,

I got all these scars and bruises requiring medical attention,

I have this pain in my chest in need of a cough suspension.

But ain’t it all in vain if I lack your love and affection??

I know on your side Lord there is good reception,

Cause am on my knees begging for your divine intervention,

You died on that cross but I took for granted my salvation,

I acted like a fool and now lost my redemption,

I went out of my way in search of compassion,

I knew there was you but you was out of my options,

I know now I was wrong and fallen short of your expectations, don’t blame the deceiver it was my fault to succumb to temptations,

I saw it all wrong and took the wrong directions,

At first it was all fun and gay ’till I landed in a situation,

Well, God, you can guess that conclusion…

I was freaked out to find myself in seclusion,

All my hommies, or that’s what I thought, made me an exception, I was now falling in a deep deep void no firm firm foundation,

‘Till I lifted my eyes up to the light in the horizon.

So I admit I contributed to your crucifixion,

You trying to reach me only to face this tough opposition,

You trying to preach to me but only got undue suppression,

But you stuck around to witness my revelation.

So yes, my life has made an evolution, sort of a 360 degree rotation,

I know I ain’t perfect but in you I seek my perfection,

I know I ain’t worth it but you still made me your possession,

With me Lord you retained our connection, the divine attraction,

I give you my word, speak to me and I’ll always pay attention.

You have heard my confession- make me a soldier in your army….SALUTATION.



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