Broken To Be Made Whole

Am hiding in a corner so people wont judge me,

I want to scream the pain out and finally be free,

The struggles of this world barely let me breathe,

The power to conform just don’t let me be.

I keep smiling to disguise the guilt and shame,

Best believe i fell for the power and the fame,

I lost sight, I lost focus and I lost Faith in His name,

In the clutches of this world life is never the same.

Drugs, booze and men of all shapes and sizes,

I trip, lose and still aiming for the wrong prizes,

I got sucked in and lost in all the worst vices,

I killed the sanity in all the right voices.

You cry out for someone to come rescue you,

You doubt the ability of the ONE above you,

You curse the agility of how life beat you,

You resign to the fact that they all have abandoned you.

We don’t know this but HE is always watching,

When I opened HIS book it said,”keep asking”,

All these windows and doors I keep knocking,

I wonder if i will ever find that which am seeking.

Maybe there is some light at the end of this tunnel,

Maybe there is some hope at the end of all my struggles,

Maybe i will get paid for all this hustle,

Maybe I should face facts that my answers are in the BIBLE.

Just like a volcano needs to erupt to be beautiful,

We need to empty ourselves for HE to make us full,

When our spirit is wounded HE heals our soul,

I got scarred and broken so HE can make me whole.



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