There are those words... They cut so deep into ones soul that no amount of love can bandage the damage,, We don't realize them rolling out of our tongues 'till we're left with a carnage, We don't see their magnitude 'till their results leave us in some sort of bondage-emotional constraint, psychological torture, because that's... Continue Reading →



Am seated there, all alone out there without a care, breathing in the cool fresh, fresh air...and I can see things clear now, like it is 3D or something and I know I ain't pissed just loving. Then he sees me there. And without a care that I didn't want nobody there, walks over, charm... Continue Reading →


Lord, here is a sinner who has come with a petition, I have fallen all too often was thinking it was my damnation, I got all these scars and bruises requiring medical attention, I have this pain in my chest in need of a cough suspension. But ain't it all in vain if I lack... Continue Reading →

Broken To Be Made Whole

Am hiding in a corner so people wont judge me, I want to scream the pain out and finally be free, The struggles of this world barely let me breathe, The power to conform just don't let me be. I keep smiling to disguise the guilt and shame, Best believe i fell for the power... Continue Reading →

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